29 September, 2016

How many cards can I have?

There are some limitations which apply to certain cards. A person can have up to 4 Reload and Pay® Cards based on different annual limits. Please […]
26 September, 2016

What is Reload and Pay account?

It is an account created by the user on www.cargaypaga.com , associated with Lamda Card Services Ltd as array. It is easily created in a matter […]
9 September, 2016

The perfect gift

With the Reload and Pay® prepaid credit card you will make the perfect gift to those you love and care about the most. The prepaid credit […]
8 September, 2016

Leisure and games of change

Wherever you play: online platforms, casinos, bingo halls or betting rooms, the Reload and Pay® prepaid credit card allows you to enjoy without concerns about the […]
5 September, 2016

Online shopping and daily purchases with your Reload and Pay® Card

Reload and Pay® is your best buddy. Make your purchases in any establishment where conventional credit or debit cards are accepted: supermarkets, shops, pharmacies, gas stations, […]
2 September, 2016

What information and documentation must I provide a Reload and Pay® Card?

CLASSIC Card: When you register as a user in the web www.cargaypaga.com  must provide the following information: name and surname, email, phone number, date of birth, […]
1 September, 2016

Draw money from any MasterCard® ATM worldwide with your Reload and Pay® Card

You can immediately access your money through more than 34 million cash machines all over the world, without having to worry about currency exchange. You can […]
31 August, 2016

Reload and Pay®, the prepaid car for the young

Teach them how to control their daily expenses and to manage the money. You can always consult their movements when they are studying abroad or in […]
29 August, 2016

Your Carga y Paga® prepaid card uses in your business

You can use the Reload and Pay® prepaid credit card in your business. Some of the most common usages are payroll payments, or rewards and extras for […]
28 April, 2016

11 Surprising Perks of Prepaid Cards

The prepaid card market was once the wild west of the banking industry. The players in the industry charged ridiculous fees, offered little in the way […]


Carga y Paga® Prepago como socio corporativo de LAMDA MasterCard®, la cual está emitida por Wireaccount y PFS en cumplimiento de la licencia Internacional de MasterCard®. Wireaccount y PFS está autorizado para emitir dinero electrónico a través del Área Económica Europea y regulado por la Financial Conduct Authority (UK) con número de registro 900036.


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