Billions of transactions are carried out daily in shops and online services. Many of these sites do not offer all the security that they should, exposing our private data and also our card’s data. Carga y Paga® guarantees you that your data cannot be stolen or usurped because Reload and Pay® does not deliver any information to retailers or online traders.

In Carga y Paga® we preserve the safety and privacy of our users in daily transactions carried out with our prepaid credit cards. Our company is certified by Trustwave which aims to help commercial and government organizations to carry out their business with safety and efficiency in a world in which we are increasingly connected to the Network.


Your account, confidential data and every cash movements are protected by a 256-bit encryption which makes them unreadable in the unlikely event that someone intercepts the traffic between you and our server. Once your information reaches us, it is very protected by firewalls and other systems within our secure network.

Carga y Paga® virtual prepaid credit cards are generated using cryptographic devices that provide security at military level. Currently, no other prepaid credit card is built in a similar way.

Each Carga y Paga® user account is assigned a unique username and password. These are selected by the user, so they are not even visible to Carga y Paga® employees. For this reason, the lost or forgotten passwords must be generated again in order to recover access to your account.


Our investment in solid fraud control systems provides a security unprecedented for payment processing. We take security very seriously; we continuously monitor our systems for signs of dubious activity to take immediate action regarding the protection of our users.

To protect against phishing attacks, e-mails we send to you can be personalized with your name and your user name. In addition, we will never ask you to provide confidential information, such as your name, password, credit card number / bank account by email.

Keep your Carga y Paga® account safe by reporting suspicious e-mails or web sites to our customer support team for immediate investigation through

We take the security and the privacy of all data very seriously. Nobody can know your Carga y Paga® account data. Not even our team.


Carga y Paga® Prepaid card is a corporate partner of LAMDA MasterCard® which is issued by DIPOCKET LTD pursuant to MasterCard® International licence. DIPOCKET LTD is authorised to issue electronic money across the European Economic Area and it is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (UK) with registration number 900439.


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Carga y Paga

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