29 September, 2016

How many cards can I have?

There are some limitations which apply to certain cards. A person can have up to 4 Reload and Pay® Cards based on different annual limits. Please […]
9 September, 2016

The perfect gift

With the Reload and Pay® prepaid credit card you will make the perfect gift to those you love and care about the most. The prepaid credit […]
8 September, 2016

Leisure and games of change

Wherever you play: online platforms, casinos, bingo halls or betting rooms, the Reload and Pay® prepaid credit card allows you to enjoy without concerns about the […]
5 September, 2016

Online shopping and daily purchases with your Reload and Pay® Card

Reload and Pay® is your best buddy. Make your purchases in any establishment where conventional credit or debit cards are accepted: supermarkets, shops, pharmacies, gas stations, […]