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LAMDA Card / CARGA Y PAGA® / RELOAD AND PAY® is a MasterCard prepaid debit card developed for LAMDA CARD SERVICES LTD (“LAMDA”) and provided by Wireaccount Limited under its licenses.

The Wireaccount Prepaid Mastercard is issued by Prepaid Financial Services Limited pursuant to a license from Mastercard International Incorporated. Prepaid Financial Services Limited is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, as an Electronic Money Institution, registration number 900036. Registered Office: Fifth Floor, Langham House, 302-308 Regent Street, London, W1B 3AT. Company Registration number: 06337638.

As an E-Money Institution Prepaid Financial Services (PFS) can receive and hold customer funds and process payments upon a customer’s request. DiPocket holds customer funds in segregated accounts held with highly rated European banks, meaning customer funds are segregated from PFS own funds. However, funds entrusted by clients to PFS are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

PFS is a Principal Member of Mastercard Inc.

These terms and conditions for consumers (“General Terms and Conditions”), are applicable to LAMDA Card personal customers issued with a LAMDA Card Mastercard® prepaid card (the “Card”), and are effective, together with the Cards Terms and Conditions you have received with your Card (“Cards Terms and Conditions”), upon your acceptance of the Agreement (“Agreement”), which comprises both, as defined in the Cards Terms and Conditions. In case of contradiction with the Cards Terms and Conditions, the Cards Terms and Conditions shall prevail.


You may access a copy of the Agreement at any time by visiting


The Agreement is governed by English law (and the same law will apply to establishing our relationship). Any legal terms implied by law will also apply to the Agreement.


Any dispute arising out of the Agreement between you and LAMDA, which we are unable to resolve to the Parties’ joint satisfaction through our complaint procedure, shall be settled by a competent common Court.


The language we use for all our communications is English.




Registering as a LAMDA Card Customer (the “Customer”)


To register as a Customer, you must be at least 18 and have your residential address in the EU. Registering under the responsibility of a legal Supervisor – such as a parent or a legal guardian – may also qualify you to register as a Customer, when this option is available to you during the registration process.


If you received or requested the Card from a third-party provider (the “Provider”) to whom you have provided the information required to register as a Customer, and the consent to share such information with us, you may be already registered upon receiving the Card. By setting up the Personalised Security Features (defined below) and using the Card, you confirm your intent to register as a Customer and your agreement with the terms of the Agreement.


By law, we must check your identity prior to registering you as a Customer, and we do this based on the information you provide to us during the registration process.


If we are unable to confirm your identity and/or any relevant registration information based on the information provided, Lamda Card Services is entitled to ask you for any further evidence of your identity, including but not limited to scans of identification documents and proof of address, and to ask you to hold a short live phone interaction with our operators and/or carry out such further checks as we deem necessary to establish your identity. If we are unable to do this, we may refuse to enable the extra functionality reserved to registered Customers and/or inform the appropriate authorities without your knowledge or consent.


If you give us false or inaccurate information and/or we identify fraud, we will record this with fraud prevention agencies. Law enforcement agencies may access and use this information. The fraud prevention agencies will share records with other organisations. We and other organisations may access and use the information recorded by fraud prevention agencies across borders. We may also block or cancel your Card and terminate the Agreement.



Not all types of Card are eligible for registration while registration is required to activate certain Cards. To find out whether your Card entitles you or requires you to register as a Customer please consult your Cards Terms and Conditions or contact our Customer Service using one of the options indicated on


Personal information


We carefully safeguard the information we hold about you (the “Information”) and, in particular, we are responsible for the security of sensitive cardholder data we process and transmit on your behalf, such as PAN, expiration date, and CVV. DiPocket and LAMDA are data controllers of your Personal Information that you provide to us. If you wish to contact your data controller in all matters related to the processing of your Personal Information, please contact our Data Protection Officer at


Your Personal Information will be processed for the purposes described in this Agreement (including to provide you with the services offered by DiPocket) and for the purposes determined by law (including tax and account-ing purposes). You have right of access to your Personal Information and you can correct (rectify) that Personal Information at any time.We mainly process the Personal Information which you provided to us during the regis-tration process. The provision of this Personal Information is both a statutory requirement and necessary for us to enter into the Agreement. Providing your Personal Information to Lamda is voluntary. If you do not provide us with the necessary information and documents, we will not be allowed to perform the services specified in the Agreement. You have a right to ask us or anyone who processes your Personal Information on our behalf to restrict processing or to erase your Personal Information, and we will consider your request in the light of our legitimate interests. Where a request to erase Personal Information is received on behalf of a minor, we will take extra care to consider the impact on them of any decision we make.


You also have a right to object to the processing of your Personal Information, provided it is processed based on public interest or our legitimate interests. Furthermore, you may also ask us to provide your Personal Information in machine-readable form back to you, for onward sharing with another data controller or to provide this data to a third party for their use, at your direction


Where you have given us your explicit consent for the processing of Personal Information, you also have the right to withdraw this consent at any time. However, such withdrawal will not affect the lawfulness of the pro-cessing carried out before the withdrawal was submitted.


If you feel your rights and freedoms in relation to processing your Personal Information have been infringed in any way, please let us know so that we can attempt to resolve the issue. The Personal Information also comes from your usage of the Card, including information about payments you make or receive, and from your other interactions with us, for example through social media, and, if it is compliant with the applicable law, from third parties such as credit reference agencies (who may check the Personal Information against other databases – public or private – to which they have access) or fraud prevention agencies.


Subject to your consent, we may also monitor or record telephone calls between you and us or capture images or video recordings during our interactions. We will use these recordings for risk management and fraud prevention purposes, to check your instructions to us, and for training and quality purposes.


If you give us personal information about other people which we will use to provide services, then you confirm that (i) you know they agree to our holding and use of that data or that you are otherwise allowed to give us this information and consent on their behalf to our holding and use of it, as well as (ii) you provided such other people with all the information regarding the processing of personal data as required under the applicable law.


If you cancel your Card, or if your registration is declined or you decide not to go ahead with it, we will keep the Information for as long as we are allowed to under applicable law and for legitimate business purposes, to help prevent fraud and other financial crime, and for other legal and regulatory reasons.


If the Personal Information is no longer required for the abovementioned reasons, they are regularly deleted, unless their further processing (for a limited time) is necessary for the following purposes:


  • Compliance with retention periods under commercial, banking and tax law;
  • Preservation of evidence within the scope of statutes of limitations.



If you wish to obtain a confirmation as to whether or not Personal Information concerning you are being processed by us, you can request a free copy of such personal data undergoing processing in electronic form.


How we use the Personal Information


We use the Information for security, identity verification, to communicate with you and to comply with the law.


Specifically, if it is compliant under the applicable law, LAMDA may use the Personal Information to pursue our legitimate interests, e.g:


  • carry out regulatory checks and meet our obligations to our regulators and to DiPocket;
  • prevent and detect fraud, money laundering and other crime (such as identity theft);
  • tell you about products and services which may be of interest to you;

develop and improve our services through assessment and analysis of the Information including credit and/or behavioural scoring, market and product analysis, and market research.


We will never pass the Information to a third party for them to use in their own direct marketing without your consent.

Who we can share the Information with


We will keep the Personal Information confidential but we may share it with other entities (who are also bound to keep it secure and confidential) if we have a duty to disclose it, if it is required for the provision of our services to you, or for legitimate purposes including business purposes and where your rights or freedoms are not infringed. Where we rely upon ‘legitimate purposes’ as a justification for our processing of the Personal Information, we will carry out an assessment, called a ‘Legitimate Interests Assessment’ and keep a record of it.


In particular, if this is compliant with the applicable law, we may share the Information with:


  • Lamda Carga y Paga®, Wireaccount Group companies,
  • our service providers and agents (including their sub-contractors),
  • payment-processing service providers and others that help us process your payments and/or provide our services to you,
  • anyone to whom we transfer or may transfer our rights and duties in the Agreement,
  • UK and overseas regulators and authorities in connection with their duties (such as crime prevention),
  • fraud prevention agencies. In particular, we will always tell fraud prevention agencies if you give us false or fraudulent information. They will also allow other organisations (in the UK, Poland or other countries), including law enforcement agencies, to access this information to prevent and detect fraud, money laundering or other crimes. You can write to us on for the details of the fraud prevention agencies with which we share the Information,
  • credit reference agencies. Credit reference agencies may use the Information to undertake statistical analysis, testing and development to enhance their existing and future products and services. Credit reference agencies will keep a record of our
  • enquiries, which may also be used by other organisations to make decisions about you. In order not to affect your ability to obtain credit, we will only make un-recorded enquiries, unless you confirm to us explicitly that you would like to apply for a credit through or from us. An unrecorded enquiry is a search that was not made for lending purposes. It cannot affect your credit rating or score when you apply for credit. It is not seen by lenders other than the one that carried out the search. It is included on your credit report so you know the search was made but does not affect your credit rating, or score, when you apply for credit;
  • any third party after a restructure, sale or acquisition of Lamda or DiPocket, provided that they use the Personal Information for the same purposes as it was originally given to us and/or processed by us.


Transfer of Personal Information


We may process the Personal Information abroad, within or outside the European Union, provided we comply with the applicable laws and regulations and under the supervision of the FCA. Where we are sharing the Personal Information with organisations in another country (including outside of the EEA), we will ensure they agree to apply equivalent levels of protection as we do (for this purpose, we will take the necessary legal steps to ensure that such transfer is compliant with the law). If this is not possible – for example because we are required by law to disclose the Personal Information – we will ensure the sharing of the Personal Information is lawful.


Requirement to update your personal data


To comply with the law and for your own security, it is essential that you keep us informed of changes to your contact, personal details or any other important changes that are relevant to us (for example residential address, mobile phone number, email address) as applicable to your Card.


Transferring money to the Card


If you register as a Customer, subject to eligibility of the Card type you hold (as stated in the Cards Terms and Conditions) we offer several options to top-up your Card, which may

include transfers from cards issued by other banks, bank transfers in selected currencies and cash deposits in selected locations.


In all cases funds will be credited to your Card in the amount equal to the amount transferred/deposited, net of applicable fees as specified in the Cards Terms and Conditions.


We endeavour to top-up your Card as soon as we are aware that money has been transferred to it. We will credit transfers from another card executed via our systems instantaneously, and incoming bank transfers and cash deposits as soon as we can and not later than on end of the day we receive it on your behalf, if it is a working day, or in the morning of the next working day if we receive the money during a bank holiday in the United Kingdom.


Redemption of funds


You may always ask us to transfer the sums belonging to you and held on your Card (the “Funds”). The Funds will be transferred to the bank account indicated by you on the same working day. There is no cost to you for transferring the Funds if your nominated bank account is in the Card currency and is held in the country where such currency is legal tender, within the SEPA region, unless your Cards Terms and Conditions specify otherwise. The aforementioned rule on transferring the Funds applies to the redemption of electronic money issued to you by DiPocket.


Using the Card


You can use your Card at all locations that display the MasterCard® Acceptance Mark – in accordance with the usage rules of the country in which you are using the Card, or online, within the limits (per transaction, daily, monthly, annual) applicable to your Card for that type of usage. Certain types of Card may however be limited in their functionality and acceptance – for instance they may not have contactless functionality, may be only usable in the country of issue or may not be enabled for cash withdrawals. Any such limitation is indicated in the applicable Cards Terms and Conditions.


In so far as this is not a result of our negligence, we will not be responsible nor liable for a retailer’s failure to or delay in accepting your Card nor for an ATM failing to issue cash. In these circumstances, we will not be liable for the way in which you are told about any refusal or delay.


All transactions require authorisation. Authorisation is also your instruction for us to carry out a transaction. We will not normally authorise a transaction if the balance on your Card is insufficient to cover the transaction and any related transaction fee. If, for any reason whatsoever, you are able to make a transaction when there are insufficient funds on your Card (the “Shortfall”), we will seek reimbursement of the Shortfall from you immediately. You may ask us to provide you with information about transactions for up to 5 years from the date of the transaction.


When executing an instruction submitted by you, we ensure that the transaction is performed not later than 1 business day after we receive the payment instruction.


For a contactless transaction:


  • (a) below the limit applicable in the country where you are using the Card, a transaction is deemed authorized upon transmission of the details of the Card that are required to execute the transaction, by placing the Card in the proximity of the device that allows for reading the data saved in the Card contactless module; and
  • (b) In excess of such limit, the transaction is deemed authorized by entry of the PIN number on the acceptance terminal. Please note that in certain countries contactless transactions with PIN are not available, and you may have to insert the Card in the payment device to authorize it with the PIN.


In so far as this is not a result of our negligence, we are not obligated to authorise a transaction where a system problem occurs or events outside our reasonable control arise. In addition to that we are not obligated to authorise a transaction where we are concerned about misuse of your Card. We shall not be liable to you when a transaction is not authorised in these circumstances and/or if we cancel or suspend use of your Card.


In so far as this is not a result of our negligence, we shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage you may suffer as a result of your use of, or inability to use, your Card, or as a result of the use of your Card by any third party, subject to the provisions set out below under the heading ‘If something goes wrong’.



We will block or restrict your Card or PIN on justified grounds relating to:


  • the security of your Card, card number or PIN;
  • the suspected unauthorised or fraudulent use of your Card or PIN. We will, if possible, inform you before blocking, or restricting your Card or PIN that we intend to do so and the reasons for doing this. If we are unable to do so, then we will inform you immediately afterwards. The requirement to inform you does not apply where it would compromise reasonable security measures or it would be unlawful to do so;
  • situations where it is not possible for the supplier to obtain online authorisation to confirm that you have sufficient balance for the transaction. For example: transactions on certain trains, ships, and some in-flight purchases;
  • purchases at service stations when the merchant verifies your PIN with us without providing the final amount of your purchase.


A Card transaction will be regarded as authorised by you when you authorise the transaction by following the instructions provided by the merchant, retailer or ATM, which may include:


  • entering your PIN or providing your SecureCode;
  • providing the Card details and/or any other details as requested;
  • waving or swiping the Card over a card reader for the purpose of making a payment.


When we suspect there may be an attempt to use your Card fraudulently, we may ask you to confirm a transaction prior to or after authorising it.


Authorisation for a transaction may not be withdrawn or revoked by you.


You may demand from us the return of the amount of an authorized transaction initiated by or via the recipient, if such transaction was already executed while:


  • (a) the amount of the transaction was not determined precisely when it was being authorized; and
  • (b) the amount of the transaction is higher than the amount you could expect, taking account of the type and value of previous transactions, provisions of the Agreement and any significant circumstances of the case.


You may request such refund within 8 weeks from the date of the transaction.


Foreign currency exchange rates and fees


If you make a payment with your Card in a currency different from the currency of the Card, the amounts will be converted by MasterCard® on the date they process the transaction, using the exchange rate they use for all such currency conversions. This means the rate of exchange may differ from the rate on the date you made the card payment, if the payment is processed by the card scheme after that date. The foreign exchange rates used by MasterCard® can be found on comp We also charge a fee based on the payment amount, as shown in the Tariff Table.


Card terminals may offer you the option of seeing the payment amount or withdrawal in the currency of your Card or in a currency other than the cash withdrawal or purchase currency, and allow you to choose to pay that amount in that currency. The exchange rate used for this will generally be provided by the operator of the terminal or ATM, so it won’t be under our control and won’t be covered by our Tariff Table. Please check at the ATM, the terminal or with the respective operator the exchange rate before authorizing the transaction.


Balance and statements


You may check the balance available on your Card on Additional options to check your Card balance and transaction history may be available to you depending on your Card type. Please refer to the Cards Terms and Conditions for further details.


Upon your request LAMDA will provide additional statements and/or transaction records, on paper or otherwise.


Keeping your Card safe


You must keep safe and not accessible to any third parties the Card, card number (the 16 digits number normally printed on the front of the Card), expiry date, CVV (the 3 digits number, normally printed on the back of the Card), PIN (Personal Identification Number), and any passwords and devices you use to access security details of the Card by any method (together the “Personalised Security Features”). This also includes any Card details in e-wallets, on retailer’s websites or on devices such as mobile phones. If you have registered a Card on a device or within an e-wallet this will include passwords and security processes used to access your device or e-wallet (device ID, passcodes or passwords) and any fingerprints or other biometric or identification methods stored in your device. Please note that not all Personalized Security Features may be applicable to your Card.


We will never contact you to request any of your Personalised Security Features and we will not ask anyone else to do so on our behalf. If you receive such a request it is likely to be fraudulent and you must not supply any of your Personalised Security Features in any circumstances. You should report any such request to us immediately. Treat emails received from senders claiming to be us with caution and be wary of emails asking you for any Personalised Security Features.


When you call us we may need to identify you, depending on the nature of your query. We may do this by asking for certain information (such as answers to questions) known only to you and requesting random digits of certain passcodes or passwords, but we would never ask you for a full PIN or passcode. You must not give these to anyone who asks for them, even if that person appears to be an official (from LAMDA, the Provider or otherwise).


You are responsible for the quality, safety, legality or any other aspect of any goods or services that you buy with your Card. Any disputes about purchases or payments made with your Card must be settled with the goods or service provider concerned.


If you become aware of the loss, theft or misappropriation of your Card or of its unauthorized use, call us straight away on +35725249999.


If something goes wrong


If you suffer loss because of an unauthorised transaction occurring as a result of:


  • the use of a lost or stolen Card; or
  • where you have failed to keep safe the Personalised Security Features and,

you failed to tell us about the loss of your Card or compromising of your Security Details, the most you will have to pay is the Card currency equivalent of GBP 35 for each instance of loss, theft or misappropriation, converted to Card currency using the average Bank of England exchange rate on the day of the conversion if the Card is not issued in GBP.


Where you have either deliberately or with gross negligence:


  • failed to keep your Security Details safe; or
  • failed to tell us as soon as possible that you have lost your Card (especially if you think someone else might have been able to find it),


the above limitation of liability to GBP 35 will not apply to any loss incurred prior to notifying us of the issue.


If we can show that you have acted fraudulently in incurring a loss as a result of an unauthorised transaction, your liability for misuse of your Card will be unlimited and may not benefit from any of the limitations set out above.


You have 13 months to notify us of an unauthorised, non-executed or incorrectly executed transaction on your Card. Provided you notify us within this timeframe and the payment was unauthorised, non-executed or incorrectly executed, we will immediately, as appropriate and in accordance with our regulatory obligations, refund the amount of the transaction to your Card. In case of errors or disputes about transactions, call us on +357 25249999. or contact us via or call us straight away on +357 25249999.


If your Card is used without your permission, or is lost, stolen or if you think the Card may have been misused, we may disclose to law enforcement agencies any information which we reasonably believe may be relevant.


Our liability towards you


Within the limits permitted under the applicable laws, and subject to the limitations defined in this Agreement, we are liable for due performance of our obligations set out in this Agreement.


You cannot claim a loss or damage from us if:

No puede reclamar una pérdida o daño de nosotros si:


  • you are claiming for loss of business, loss of goodwill, loss of opportunity or loss of profit – we will not be liable for these in any circumstances;
  • you have acted fraudulently or with gross negligence;
  • you are in breach of the Agreement, or have provided us with any incorrect information if there is a clear causal link with the damage;
  • our failure was due to abnormal and unforeseeable circumstances outside our control, which meant we couldn’t follow our obligations under the Agreement despite our best efforts to do so, for example, a hardware breakdown, strike, or a major problem with a payment system.


None of these exceptions will apply, and nothing else in the Agreement will stop us being liable, if:


  • we act fraudulently;
  • we act with gross negligence; or
  • we are at fault and the law does not allow us to exclude or limit liability.


Changes to the Agreement


We can change the Agreement in the circumstances listed below.


Provided we give you two months’ notice, we can change any part of the Agreement, only to the extent necessary, if at least one of the below material circumstances occurs:


  • a change of our commitment to the creation of reserves or the enactment of allowances not provided for in the legislation at the date of conclusion of the Agreement;
  • fees or taxes or other costs are imposed, that were not provided for in the legislation at the date of conclusion of the Agreement;
  • a change in the legal provisions governing the financial sector or a change of recommendations or good practices by supervising institutions or of provisions connected with the financial sector, which impact the mutual rights and obligations of the parties to the Agreement that were not in force at the date of conclusion of the Agreement;
  • the introduction of new services or removal or change of features of the existing services as well as introduction or change of the trade name of such services (in the case of a change of the scope or manner of providing the services consisting in changing the features of the existing services or the introduction of new products, the user will not be obliged to use such services and incur the costs on such account unless the user submits a separate declaration of will in this respect).


save that the amendment of the Agreement will be effected solely within the scope and direction arising from the reason that has occurred and no later than within 1 month from the occurrence of a prerequisite for such change.


If you are not happy with the change, you can either:


  • take the steps set out below to cancel your Card and end the Agreement with immediate effect and without any charges; or
  • let us know that you are not happy with the change and would like to cancel your Card and end the Agreement without any charges, so that the Agreement will be ceased on the day before the date on which the changes take effect.


Cancelling the Card


The Agreement expires on the Card expiry date, unless we issue a replacement Card on your request. It can be terminated at any time by you, or by us in accordance with the processes set out below.


When you can cancel a Card


If you wish to, you can cancel your Card at any time.


In addition, as a consumer, you have a period of 30 days from the date you have concluded the Agreement to tell us that you would like to withdraw from it, without giving any reason, and without incurring any charges or fees other than for the services commenced upon your request or services already provided. If you withdraw from the Agreement, the Agreement is considered not concluded, and all your Funds will be transferred to you within 10 days from such withdrawal.


You must nominate a bank account to which any Funds should be transferred. There is no cost to you for cancelling a Card nor for redeeming your Funds in the Card currency. If you ask us to transfer funds in a currency other than the Card currency a fee may be applicable (for currency exchange and bank transfer) but we will always show you applicable fees prior to confirming the transfer, and in any case we will not charge more than EUR 20 bank transfer fee. If we receive funds on your Card after you have cancelled the Card, we’ll try to send it back if we have the information we need to do so.


When we can cancel a Card


We may end the Agreement immediately (and cancel your Card) if we have reasonable grounds for thinking that you have done any of the following things, which you must not do:


  • you put us in a position where we might break a law, regulation, or other duty that applies to us if we maintain your Card;
  • you give us any false information at any time;
  • you commit (or attempt) fraud against us or someone else;
  • you use (or allow someone else to use) your Card illegally or for criminal activity (including receiving proceeds of crime on your Card);
  • you inappropriately let someone else use your Card.


We can also end the Agreement immediately and cancel your Card if:


  • we reasonably believe that maintaining your Card might expose us or DiPocket to action or censure from any government, regulator or law enforcement agency;
  • we find out that you are no longer eligible for it (for example, through residence status). We will try to tell you in advance if this happens, but if by continuing to offer you the Card we would break any rules or laws, we would have to cancel it or block it immediately.




If you are unhappy in any way with your Card, please tell us so we can try to resolve the situation. Complaints may be submitted:


  1. in writing by post. Written complaints may be addressed to: Customer Service, Lamda Card Services Ltd, 1, Argyri Eftalioti & Arch. Makariou, 3085, Limassol, Cyprus.
  2. verbally by calling the following telephone number: +357 25249999;
  3. in electronic form by using the contact methods provided on


We strive to acknowledge all complaints received within 24 hours of receipt. If a complaint is received during a bank holiday or weekend period, the complaint will be acknowledged within 24 hours of the return to work of staff, i.e., if a complaint is received by e-mail on a Sunday, it will be deemed to have been received at 9 am on the following Monday.


If it is not possible to respond with a detailed, substantive reply within 24 hours of receipt of the complaint, a further communication will be provided within 5 business days. We will send our final response within 15 business days. In unusual circumstances, where the answer cannot be given within the normal timeframe for reasons beyond our control, we will explain the reasons for the delay and provide a final response no later than 35 business days and tell you that you may be able to refer your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service.


The Financial Ombudsman Service is a free, independent service, which might be able to settle a complaint between you and us. You can take your complaint to them if you are not satisfied with our efforts to deal with it or if we have not completed our investigations within six months of your complaint. The contact details are:


  • The Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London E14 9SR; phone 0800 023 4 567 (+44 20 7964 0500 from abroad), website; or
  • You may also file your complaint with the Commissioner of Administration (Ombudsman), Era House, 2, Diagorou Street, 1097 Nicosia, Tel. No.: 22 405500, Fax. No.: 22 672881, email:


Please note that you may also be entitled to submit a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman or Regulator in the country where you obtained the Card.


Carga y Paga® Prepago como socio corporativo de LAMDA MasterCard®, la cual está emitida por Wireaccount y PFS en cumplimiento de la licencia Internacional de MasterCard®. Wireaccount y PFS está autorizado para emitir dinero electrónico a través del Área Económica Europea y regulado por la Financial Conduct Authority (UK) con número de registro 900036.


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